May Club Card #4 + Swap card ~ Create it. Go!

Monday, June 21, 2010

May Club Card #4 + Swap card

Okay, this one was my fav from club last month. I think just b/c it was fun to make and try a new technique. I love having someone else prepare and find new techniques for me to try and to have all the stuff ready to go too! Love it! Thanks S!

This was made using wax paper wadded up and then ironed onto the paper...can't remember what kind of paper this is...we were talking that night and wondered if photo paper would also work with this. Anyway. after that, you just sponge color onto the paper and it resists the color where the wax melted onto the paper. I think my kids would also love trying this. You could make all kinds of designs with the color too.

Gorgeous card from S to wap that night. I don't ever seem to tire of this stamp. I like how she used the crystal effects instead of embossing powder too. Made the scene more shiny. :)