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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7-UPlifting Thoughts for your Week

In our church, the teenage girls go to a Young Women's Church Camp every summer. Well this year, in our church ward (congregation), they asked the women in our ward if they would like to be a "secret sister" to one of these young women and put together four little gifts as writing down our testimony for them. They would receive one of the gifts each day and would then receive our testimonies to read at the end of the week, prior to their testimony mtg (I believe). I thought it was a fun thing, so I volunteered to be a secret sister.

For the first day, I sent this 7-UP can and the thoughts shown. I was originally going to print out some thoughts, but didn't have any ink in my printer, so I went through my stamps and found some fun ones that would work. The girl I got had just turned twelve the previous week, so camp and Young Women were all brand new to her. I hope she had a fun week!


The Bergquist Fam said...

What a super cute idea! Love teh play on 7-up!

heather said...

Love this idea!! I'm sure your secret sister LOVED it!!