Secret Sister Day #2 ~ Create it. Go!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Secret Sister Day #2

I really don't know what order she got these little gifts in, but I am calling it this way. (I sent them all together in a bag for them to give to her one day at a time.)

These were also supposed to be simple, inexpensive little gifts, and for me, they had to be pretty quick. I was making them the night before and had a baby that wanted

They had given us a little print-out about the girl that we were "secret sisters" with and it told us a few thins about her, like her fav candy bar: Butterfingers. :) Thought the glow sticks would be fun too, so I threw those in too. Put the popsicle card in there and said, I hoped she was having a "sweet" time at camp! :)