August 2010 ~ Create it. Go!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ideas welcome! I really have not been stampin' much these days. I've done a little here and there and need to get those pics up, but honestly not much. I can't even finish the stuff at club nights it seems.

I have a favor though. I am teaching a couple of classes at our homeschool co-op and one of them is a stamping/papercrafting class. It is set for ages 10-12, but it really encompasses some of ages 6?-12...boys and girls.

So...what I am asking is what are your favorite stamping/papercrafting projects that you would suggest to do? I have an outline already of mine, but I thought it would be find to get some new ideas...if there is anyone out there reading this still. lol They have to be very very low cost. My budget is about $2-$2 per kid for the whole semester, although we only meet once a week, every other week. I also only have 45 min max to do this with about a dozen or more keep that in mind.

Let the ideas pour forth! :)