October 2010 ~ Create it. Go!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I actually went to stamp club night this past weekend! It's the first time I have been able to go since the beginning of the summer. I haven't stamped much lately at all either, so I haven't really had anything to show. Just isn't a season of stamping for me right now. I have done a few sewing projects and have some more I am going to start soon as well as some other crafts, but they aren't papercrafting. Hopefully I'll get to post some of them on here soon though, along with the few cards that I made at stamp club.

My kids are all making their gifts that they will give to one another for Christmas this year. My husband and I quite often make their gifts from us to them, but we wanted them to do the same this year...to appreciate the homemade gifts more, to put more thought into them, and to make them more meaningful. So, I have started a list of ideas and actually have quite a few, but I wanted to ask (if anyone still checks this blog haha) if any of you have any ideas too. Anything that you have done in the past? Your kids? Anyone else that you know of? A friend referred me to the design mom's blog and I checked it out and got a few more ideas there. (Tks!) But we're still thinking and plan to start on gifts the beginning of November. My goal is to have all of our Christmas gifts done by the end of November.

For this week though...I have to sew 5 jawa costumes for Halloween. :) hee hee And our baby will be R2D2, our prisoner. Excited! :)

I'll try and post some stuff later this week.

Happy Fall!