List of ideas to make for Christmas ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

List of ideas to make for Christmas

Here's the list we came up with this year for ideas to make each other for Christmas. (We decided we were ALL, kids too, making our gifts this year. I think we will continue next. I love it, except my lack of time that is...)

(The starred ones are ones that one of us chose to do, whether for a brother/sister/cousin/parent/etc.)

Homemade play-dough (Love the kool-aid recipe I have for this.)
*Matching tu-tus for girl and doll
Hair accessories (pony tail ribbons, big flower clips, etc.)
Boxes to hold collections (rocks, etc)
*Leather projects (ex: keychains, etc. The boys had a leather stamping class in our homeschool co-op and made some things there and finished at home.)
*Name Frame
Cut out Wooden letters to spell names to hang on wall
*Stamped family portraits
*TX flag painted pic frames or mirrors
Glass etching (done previous years)
*Wooden photo cubes stamped/decorated/modge-podged
Sock bunny (like sock monkeys)
Tin of homemade cards (did for two of my sis-n-laws bdays this month)
Pillow cases
*Shelf to display/hold pinewood derby cars
*Hiking staff
*Candy (A's idea for dad: fudge and pecan logs)
*Wooden nativity
*Wooden toys made on lathe and in shop
*Wooden jewelry box
*Wooden baseball bats turned on lathe and then soft baseballs made too (sewn)
Wooden high chair for doll (almost did this one...running out of time.)
*Wooden rattle for baby turned on lathe
*Doll blankets and pillows
*Bookmarks from the baby with her handprint for everyone :)
*Photobooks created online

I'm sure we will continue to add to this list this next year too. :) Can you see how busy we have been? Speaking of that, I still have lots to do and no so much time, so I better go! Doubt I will be on here much until next week. I'll have to post pics of the projects we do.

Merry Christmas everyone!