Yes... ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, December 17, 2010


...I am still here. No, I have not really been stamping, other than the occasional stamp night I make it to. And even then, I seem to be the last one there and the first to leave with unfinished projects in hand...that I come home with...with the best of intentions to finish, but...

However, I am working on a project with my daughter that is a Christmas gift. So I have to finish this one. I'll try and post pics this next week. (as well as a list of requested ideas or things we are doing/making as Christmas gifts this year.) I have to say that we are all having so much fun making them. (the kids and hubby and I) It's getting a bit stressful with much left to do and less and less time to do it, but I love hearing the kids talk about it and excited about what they are making. Means so much more this everyone! :)

Merry Christmas!