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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unfinished projects

So, last week, I found a little time to work on a few projects that I have had undone from the past month to the past three years. haha

So, here is what I got done! :) (and started) lol

Vinyl lettering on a glass frame:

(Yes, I had two for some reason. I'll have to gift one. :))

More vinyl-on a wooden plaque this time with small frames to hang under it. They will have pics of each of my kids in them.

And then the next two projects:

More wooden plaques/frames...I painted them black and will eventually have black and white 8x10 pics to put on them like the colored pic shown in the 2nd pic. I want baby pics of each of my kids in b&w for these I think...although I liked the colored pic on it more than I thought I would too.

And these black blocks???? I made some at christmas for gifts. They are actually pretty big blocks. They are made from 2x4's my husband cut and glued together for me, so they are 4x4 blocks. I'll make them into picture blocks and add some stamping/decor on some sides as well. I can't wait to find time to finish them! :)