May 2011 ~ Create it. Go!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Silhouette machine fun

Love the pop-up flowers!

And love these cute little gift card holders-esp love the silhouette of the dad and kids! :)

Having fun with my new silhouette machine. :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stamp night projects for May

Lollipop Flower Pot and Flowers
We made this cute little flower pot where you use lollipops (upside down) as the stems. So easy and cute! And I love love the new S.U. heat embossing colored powders. They're so bold and vibrant!

Father's Day Card:
Saw this tool bench idea and thought it looked so fun to use with tool stamps.

So, for the third project, I usually do a challenge, but since I had people cutting out so much int he above two projects, I decided just to do another card this month...but in the end, it kinda turned into a challenge in a make a card out of one stamp and one punch. I love love love this new 3 in 1 punch from stampin up. It can punch three different things in one punch.

(The above is more true to the real colors used. The yellow was closer to so saffron...don't know why it turned out so bright in the next pic. I love this melon and light yellow together!)

As for June and July stamp nights...I'll be MIA. I'll be having a baby at the end of June, so I won't do another stamp night until August at this point. Probably won't be stamping too much (or at all) either...hopefully I'll get to a little more still in the next couple weeks though.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fairy cute!

Remember this fairy card I made a little bit ago?

Well, the gal that requested the bday invites wanted thank you's as well, so I made a cute little set. I love love these fairies!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More whoop requests

These are all really variations of previously made cards I have shown you. I made 18 cards all together last week!
More tie cards for Father's Day. (BTW-I just found some with suit jackets too and you pull the shirt a pocket card. Excited to make one sometime.

More bday cupcake cards:

More ruffled cards. So cute!

I'm working on some other new father's day cards too. Hopefully I can do them next week.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teacher Gifts

We had Teacher Appreciation Day a couple weeks ago and I showed you what my kids gave their teachers...well, I had one more of these acrylic frames left from a couple years ago when I made them for teacher gifts for Valentines Day then. So, I made another one up. I kept it really simple this time. Just stamped a school-themed background, slid it in the acrylic pic frame, added the apple shaped post-its, put some matching paper in the RSVP pen, added some velcro to the pen and holder and wala! Great for end of year gifts for teachers. Who can't use more post its and a cute little desk holder for them? And you definitely need a coordinating card right? :)

This year though, I think we are doing something different from even that above. We've thought of giving them the washer necklaces. You could say "5th grade rocks!" or something like that on the necklace. We have also though to doing the scrabble boards with the teacher's name and things they have learned this year on them as well. I'm excited to do those! :)

Altered notebooks

Here's a couple of fun little pocket sized (matchbook style) altered notebooks.

Had to do one "plain" since my boys always want one too.

And here are another couple steno sized ones I did for whoop requests. Patterned the first one after this notebook I made about a month ago.

(The only request different was that she wanted the color purple.)

The 2nd one was a special request. They wanted a vintage/shabby chic one. I have to say that I have never attempted to make anything in this style. I had to get online and look at some ideas on splicoast. So, these two cards I found were my inspiration. And this is waht I came up with. Did I pull it off?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So, have I told you about this new Whoopdwhoop website that I love??!!! Go here to check it out. Basically, it's like etsy (being that it is handmade items), but there is no currency involved. You swap! :) Love it! Only thing is it is keeping me too busy making things. haha BUT I also love what I am also getting. (I'll show you a pic of what I have gotten soon.) And by the way, if you decide to register on whoopdwhoop, I would love to get credit for referring you there! I definitely love getting more whoops! :)

Well, someone on there asked me to make a few custom bday invites for her little girl, so I came up with these three choices for her to choose from.

1-"Purse"onally Invited-the little girls love to carry these around in anticipation of the bday party!

2-Retro teacups-great for tea parties! :)

3-A "fairy" cute pocket invite (turned out so cute I think-she requested these colors too.)

I have to say that after I made them all, although I do love the way the teacups turned out, if it were me and my young daughter, I would pick #3...and she did. :) Glad she liked. :)

Now to go get the other 17 cards and altered notebook that have been requested done. Aaaahh! :) lol

Monday, May 9, 2011

New crafts!

So, I haven't had a ton of time to spend stamping lately, although I will be doing more this week, so I'll show you some new stamped things soon.

I did, however, get a silhouette SD machine that I am sooooo excited about! It cuts paper, vinyl, fabric, heat transfer, etc and you can even draw some of your own things for it to cut AND you don't need to buy tons of cartridges! It hooks up to your computer and can use any font you have on your computer. If you do want to buy some templates, they are only 99 cents each and you just buy them online and download them! Yeah! So, I had it almost a week, before I got to play with it a little last night. I cut some cardstock and that's it so far. Need to find more time to play with it more. I cut out pillow box templates, tags, borders, leaves, etc.
(Here's a few things I cut out. I just laid them on the pink paper to show them. Love the Happy Birthday tag!)

It was Teacher Appreciation week this last week at school, so I got to make things for FOUR teachers this year too. My kids wanted to give them the pot of flower pens, so I went to the dollar store and found some cute pots, filled them with kidney beans, let my kids choose the flowers (again dollar store) and wrapped the pens in floral tape and wala!

Then I made a few matching flower cards to go along with them as well.

And of course, I couldn't stop there. Had to make another flower pot card too. :)

(This one is much cuter in person I think. You pull the flowers out of the pot and write on the paper under the flowers, tucked into the pot.)
The other thing I got to do this last week was to stamp on washers! You're probably thinking "what?!". I have seen some super cute things done with them and have been wanting to try. I got most of my information and inspiration from this wonderful blog here. I as going to do some keychains and some zipper pulls for my kids, but after I started stamping, I realized I had 2 m's in my alphabet I bought and no "n". All my kids names have an "N" in them, so I ended up doing one of the ideas shown on that blog instead.

Well, I think my first project turned out pretty cute! It started out going to be a keychain, but it works as a necklace too. :) I'm excited to do more soon and hopefully I'll get better too!

What do you think?

I also bought supplies to make some 1 inch glass tile pendants and earrings! So much to do, so little time. Still, I'm excited!!!