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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teacher Gifts

We had Teacher Appreciation Day a couple weeks ago and I showed you what my kids gave their teachers...well, I had one more of these acrylic frames left from a couple years ago when I made them for teacher gifts for Valentines Day then. So, I made another one up. I kept it really simple this time. Just stamped a school-themed background, slid it in the acrylic pic frame, added the apple shaped post-its, put some matching paper in the RSVP pen, added some velcro to the pen and holder and wala! Great for end of year gifts for teachers. Who can't use more post its and a cute little desk holder for them? And you definitely need a coordinating card right? :)

This year though, I think we are doing something different from even that above. We've thought of giving them the washer necklaces. You could say "5th grade rocks!" or something like that on the necklace. We have also though to doing the scrabble boards with the teacher's name and things they have learned this year on them as well. I'm excited to do those! :)


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