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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So, have I told you about this new Whoopdwhoop website that I love??!!! Go here to check it out. Basically, it's like etsy (being that it is handmade items), but there is no currency involved. You swap! :) Love it! Only thing is it is keeping me too busy making things. haha BUT I also love what I am also getting. (I'll show you a pic of what I have gotten soon.) And by the way, if you decide to register on whoopdwhoop, I would love to get credit for referring you there! I definitely love getting more whoops! :)

Well, someone on there asked me to make a few custom bday invites for her little girl, so I came up with these three choices for her to choose from.

1-"Purse"onally Invited-the little girls love to carry these around in anticipation of the bday party!

2-Retro teacups-great for tea parties! :)

3-A "fairy" cute pocket invite (turned out so cute I think-she requested these colors too.)

I have to say that after I made them all, although I do love the way the teacups turned out, if it were me and my young daughter, I would pick #3...and she did. :) Glad she liked. :)

Now to go get the other 17 cards and altered notebook that have been requested done. Aaaahh! :) lol


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