September 2011 ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, September 16, 2011

September Stamp NIght #3

Last for this month's meet, we have this set of three 3x3 cards they could choose to make one from. And they are all made from...the owl punch! Sooooo very fun!

Later, I decided to put googly eyes on the ghost and I liked it so much better. I'll have to show you another pic soon. Either way though, love them all!


The branch is from the bird punch and bat's wings are made with a 1 3/8 punch, scalloped circle punch and then scissors or shaped with a smaller circle punch as well (like a 1 inch punch).
Happy Halloween!!!

September Card Night #2

I have to say that this was a fav of mine this month! I love this cute new furry friends stamp set and had the idea to make "masks" and have the animals "dress up" as each other for their Halloween Costume. It turned out so fun! Now I need to make a card with them too! And how fun are these skinny cellophane bags to boot?!!!

For all of you who have a silhouette or cricut, you can cut out cute pumpkins for the top, OR for those of you who don't, just take your oval punch and put three together like this! So cute!

Another tip

So, while I am sharing...I thought I would share this idea with you too. I recently saw online a cute cute idea of making a hairbow holder in a frame in the bathroom. Well I loved it, but didn't have a frame that day, but then this idea came to me! I have some of those word strip holder things that teacher use that I picked up from the dollar spot at Target a while back. I have used them homeschooling and for chore charts like shown.

BUT, look how great they work for hairclips too!!! Now, to keep the toddler away from those too! :)

Nothing to do with cards or such...

What is this then?

My newest personal invention!!! I have been looking at different ideas of handtowels online, pinterest, etc to come up with a way for my toddler NOT to walk away with all of my kitchen towels as blankets for her dolls or just decoration for the floor. I am proud to say I came up with my own "invention". An elastic with a button on the end to loop the elastic through. Yep! That's it!

And I am happy to say...It works great!!! :) Just thought I'd share.

September Stamp night #1

Well, I have been gearing up for Halloween this month, so that everyone can order and get things here in time and now that tonight is over, my mind is already going to Thanksgiving. :) I did have a lot of fun making all of these projects this month though and love them all!

Found this at a dollar store...

and turned it into....drumroll please...Halloween Potion Bottles!

Witch's Brew Potion (gummy fish...gummy eyeballs would be great too if you could fit them in the bottles):

Love Potion (bath salts):

Scrumptious Earthworms (gummy worms):

Flowers Galore

So...I've never been a rel floral kinda person when it came to decoration or stamps, but I have to say I am really having fun making all different kinds of paper flowers lately. The card above I made at a stamp night a couple years ago and decided to re-create some more of that kind.

I'm planning on doing some paper quilling with flowers and butterflies soon as well as trying some other flowers, so be looking! :)

Circles of Butterflies

I forgot to post the last card we made at our August stamp night. It started out with many little butterflies and was fun to see how others made it. I like it with just the one as well.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stamp Night 3-D Project

Have you ever made those paper fortune teller things as a kid? Well, this is one upside down and decorated to hold candy at a table. Soooo easy and cute!