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Friday, October 7, 2011

Smooch Spritz

Have you noticed the little speckles on some of my recent cards? (The three Halloween ones had some on the orange paper, the Sympathy card I just posted earlier today had some on it as well. In fact it had two colors. One on the background and a gold on the tree. And the Love Potion bottle had some on the label, although that one was gold as well, that made it shimmer, and it is hard to catch with a camera. Very pretty though) Well, it was all from Smooch Spritz from Stampin' Up. I love this stuff! It comes in four colors and I have two right now, the gold and the brown. I love how it adds to the background of a card. And so easy, you just pump spray it where you want. Anyway-I've been having fun with it lately. :) Here's a couple close ups of where I have used it on some cards I'll be posting soon. :)