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Friday, October 7, 2011

"THE" Tin

So, I keep mentioning this tin full of cards I made for a friend. I've made them before, but it's been awhile. I have to tell you about this friend. I love photography and have always been interested in it. I took a couple classes in high school and would love to take a few more...someday. I am actually hoping to within the next two years...waiting for my little ones to get just a wee bit bigger first. Anyway, she is a great photographer! She came by my house and took a few pics of my newest babe at two weeks old. Here are a couple of the pics she took. You should check out her work here or look for her on facebook as amy casas photography! (and no, she doesn't know I am making this plug) :) She is so easy and fun to work with too. Anyway, this was a thank you for her, along with a necklace pendant with two eggs in a birds nest for her two cute kiddos. She was wonderful and I am forever grateful for these great keepsake pics she took for me.

So here are a few pics she took:

ANd she took so many more cute ones too!
And here is the tin I made for her: