November 2011 ~ Create it. Go!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Fun Decorations

So, I've been having fun creating other things lately...not out of paper. :) Made this wreath (below) a couple weeks ago and have another idea for a Christmas one already. The picture above, I put out in front of my house this past weekend and love it! Makes a great backdrop for pics too! I already have Christmas plans for it as well. :)

So, my husband and I have talked about things we could make that WE think would sell, so we finally decided to try it this year. We decided to get a booth at a local craft fair to sell things, so I am already busy busy making and creating (as he is as well). I'll show you some of the projects we are making in the next few weeks.

Our family is also making our Christmas presents again this year, so those are also coming as well. I think we may be nuts! With two babies??? We are asking for it! lol Hopefully we will be happy we did all this...and no worries. I'll still stamp a little here and there for stamp club. :)