Fellow blogger's give-away and challenge ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fellow blogger's give-away and challenge

I have a friend who I met through whoopdwhoop and she has a giveaway going on through her blog. She has teamed up with two other fellow whoopers and they are all offering some great goodies as a giveaway. So, visit her blog here and take the challenge! I have to say that I love whoopdwhoop! I know that I can sew some of the things that I have gotten through there or make others, but it's so much easier for me to do papercrafting sometimes and others seem to enjoy getting my creations too. It works for everyone! :) I'll have to take some pics of all the great things I have gotten on there this past yr and show you!

And to top it all off, I'll add to Emily's challenge! I'll also give away your choice of either:
1 large chalkboard vinyl (to be used on the wall, fridge, wherever...)aprox 7x10 scalloped edges
a set of 6 miscellaneous cards

Just follow Emily's same instructions. Hope to see you on Whoopdwhoop!


Sky Buffat said...

Sure wish I would've gotten in on this in time! This post is a great idea- I think I'll do the same sort of thing at Capital B! I enjoyed catching up a bit around here- I LOVE your quilled turkey card! And what a darling new little one!