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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I so want to blog more. Both on here and on our family blog, but I can't find the time to even find two matching flip clops to wear, let alone blog. (Yes I did [knowingly] wear two different flip flops all day yesterday.) lol Having five kids is doing me in, although I really think more of it is the space of the last two and the ages...maybe someday it will seem I have a brain again, or is it gone for good? ;)

I HAVE kept taking pics of everything I have created lately though, I just can't seem to get them on here. That along with the fact that we got a new computer and half of my pics are on the old on...doesn't help. Although I do love our new computer!

Anyway, I need to try...I have been doing more of other projects around the house than papercrafting lately, although there has still been some of that too.

Here is a cute little 3x3 card I made using a heart punch in an old textbook I still had from college (years ago!), inking the edges, cutting off the bottom, tying a knot in a ribbon, and gluing the hearts together and folding down the middle. So simple, yet I love!

So, here's hoping I get on here again with pics from other creations I have done lately. :)