September 2012 ~ Create it. Go!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Doorbell Broken

I absolutely LOVE LOVE this new sign I made hanging out my front door! It cracks me up wondering if anyone will really YELL this? Would I? Would you? lol I tell you what, if anyone (who knows me, and lives near me of course) comes over and actually does this, I'll make you this sign for free! Love it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Under Construction

So, I am trying a new look with my website, so it is "Under Construction" right now. I don't have the sidebar up, so if you need to get to my etsy shop, go here: or for my FB page for Create it. Go! go here: Thanks! Robyn Bobbin

Project from the Past

...but still one that I love. I DO have many blessings! I am now accepting custom orders on my etsy shop. (See the link to the right on the sidebar. Let me know if there is anything you want a price for! :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Simple Natvity camera is still!!! missing, so I had to pull out the old little one to show you this today. I love this nativity! It is so simple! Maybe that's why I love it? :) Brown vinyl on painted and distressed block in a light aqua. What's not to like? :)

Prices are on etsy! :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

The culprit two yr old took off with my camera yesterday and now I can't find it!. Grrr...was going to post a sneak peak to one of four more projects that are in the works, but I guess you'll have to wait a bit. ;) On another note, stay tuned, because Create it. Go! will be having a give-away within the next couple of weeks! :) have a great weekend! (Photo taken by Amy Casas Photography)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Love of Rustic

I posted below one of the trunks with swirls that my husband and I made. Here is the other design he made.

I would love the look of having a log house. We both just love the Rustic look. Instead for now, we are just turning our house into that look, one item at a time. :)


Who doesn't need space savers? I have always always wanted a mudroom. Well, I still don't have one, But I did get this!

My husband built this rustic hallway organizer for our family! No more backpacks on the floor! No more..."Where's my coat?" I love it! It has a hook for each person, cubby holes for each individual, plus one for the dog (his leashes and stuff) and even room on top to add some fun decorations. What's not to love?! And then I added the finishing touch which made it so fun! Nicknames in vinyl on the wall below each hook. My kids now hang up their backpacks when they get home from school and always know where they are each morning!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Love of Nativities

Nativities speak to me. I definitely have a love of them and love seeing various ones decorating my house. Last year I made this one and sold it at the craft fair. I still love it!!

There is something about it being lit up and the symbolism there too.
I also love this simple ornament I made. I have to say it is now a favorite ornament of mine and everybody I give them away to as gifts. Both on etsy. :) And I have another fun nativity idea/item coming soon! :)

What's for dinner, Mom?

Again, a previous post, but a new one on etsy!

This is one I actually have listed on my etsy shop and FB page. If you're interested in seeing more, you can go to Create it. Go! here or here.
There's mo-ore!!!

Word Art

I know I showed these before, but I am doing more again!!!

Here's another project Ive worked on. A wall of quotes and word art. And this is just the start! I have several more I have been working on as well. :) I love it!

Rustic Wood Trunk

So, I know I have been MIA for soooo long, but I am now opening an etsy shop and selling some of my creations! I am in the middle of creating more and listing things daily. I may even start a new blog. It's all under Create it. Go! One of the creations my husband and I made this past Christmas was this lovely trunk! I absolutely love the way it turned out and the little girl on top doesnt hurt either. ;) He made another variation that has a wooden star on the front minus the swirls. I'll post that one later. That's it for now folks. Check back often!