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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Apply Vinyl

I have been mailing out so much vinyl, I thought it would be helpful to include on here hot to apply it. :) So here are some basic and easy to follow instructions:

How to Apply Vinyl
Vinyl comes in 3 parts:
1. the backing paper (usually a thick white paper)
2. the vinyl
3. the transfer tape

How to Apply Vinyl:
1. Place your vinyl piece down on a table or other flat surface, transfer tape side down. Gently rub on the back of the backing paper with your hand or a credit card. (This is to get the vinyl to stick to the transfer tape when you are ready to separate the back from the vinyl.)

2. Carefully pull back a corner of the backing paper. The vinyl should stick to the transfer tape. I find that if i pull it at a diagonal angle, it comes off more easily. Go slow. If your letters are not coming off, simply place the backing paper back down & rub some more until your letters/image easily come off onto the transfer tape.

3. Now that you have removed the backing, and your letters/image is on only the transfer tape, you are ready to apply your vinyl. Choose the surface you want it to be applied on. Make sure the surface you are applying it to is clean, dry and free of dust. Vinyl adheres well to almost any smooth surface.

4. Hold the vinyl up to the surface where you want it and make sure it is straight before you put it down. Once it is down, it is almost impossible to remove it, reposition it, and not ruin it in the process. Do not rely on the transfer tape to be straight. Look at the letters/image to measure where you want it to go. Place your vinyl onto the surface you would like to apply it to vinyl side down. Gently rub on the back of the transfer tape with your hand or a credit card. Carefully and slowly peel the transfer tape slowly back (again I go at a diagonal angle). Your letters should stick to your chosen surface. If they do not, simply do this same step again.

5. Stand back and admire what you have done! Love my vinyl! :)

Create it. Go!
Robyn Power