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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Frame it Up! A Repurposed wall

I LOVE repurposing! I also wonder why I keep so many empty frames where the glass has long since been broken and thrown away. It seems that usually, I keep stuff for forever, then finally throw it out, and the next week I think...I wish I still had that! lol Well, today I was glad I kept those frames!

I took a bunch of empty frames I had (and added a few that I took the glass out of for this as well). Painted a few to add some variety and color, then cut a couple more ornate ones out of vinyl (which BTW take a LOT of patience to not only weed, but to apply as well! A oain, but I think worth it, you?) and created a collage or wall of frames on a small wall that was blank in our hallway. I also love love love! that it doubles as a place for my kids to hang their artwork...right inside the frames! So useful as well! Thinking of art, I then decided to add one more touch. Our family in birds on a branch. LOVE the outcome!

Look around your house for what you can use to repurpose. Let us know what you do!


Leigh said...

I like the rustic looj of that frame.