A Tree for all Seasons ~ Create it. Go!

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Tree for all Seasons

Remember this tree I made for my Nativity Advent/12 Days of Ornaments? You can use it year round!

I never did a tutorial and had meant to, but it was REALLY easy. So here are some quick and easy basic instructions on how I made it.

First gather the materials you will need to make it:
1. a branch from a tree
2. a container to put it in. (I have used a flower pot before, but this time I used a metal can I had on hand and spray painted it with a matte black.)
3. Plaster of paris
4. Water
5. White spray paint
6. Optional: string of lights and ribbon to decorate the base

After you have gathered all of your materials, you are ready to start assembling the tree.

Start by spray painting the branch white. It dries super quick too.(I did a couple of coats, b/c some of it is soaked up into the branch.)

Then you mix your plaster of paris and water (I just followed the directions on the box it came in.) and pour it into your container. (Note:Don't rinse out the container you mixed in, in your sink. I know! It ends up in your pipes and hardens and your husband isn't too happy as he takes the pipes apart under the sink...but really it was partially his fault. I didn't dump it down the sink. I just put water in it to soak and he dumped it not knowing what was in the bowl. lol)

Next, you hold your branch in the center of your container as the plaster of paris dries. It doesn't take too long.

You really are pretty much done at this point, other than some simple decorating add ons if you want.

So easy! AND great for displaying year round!

Here is how mine is displayed now:
 Last year I made these cute little felt hearts with little rosettes on them and hung them in a line from my ceiling above the buffet in my dining room. This year, I left them on the fishing string and just kinda draped them all over the tree.  Set them on top of my piano next to some snowmen and love it!
If you ever make one of these, I would love to see what you decorate it with. Link it up as a comment!