Homecoming in Texas ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Homecoming in Texas

So, I had never heard of mums before I moved to TX in high school. But I got to make my first one last night. I have a 7 year old mini-cheerleader and our school's homecoming is today. (They don't have football at our school, so basketball is the main sport, thus homecoming in January.) I had a lot of fun making it although it was hard to find stuff to make it with, since for most, it is not "mum" season right now. I ended up not finding a large mum for the flower, but used three white carnations and put them all together. 
I love her face in the above pic. I can tell what that she loves it!
 I actually used my vinyl cutting machine to do all the letters on the ribbons and the cheer megaphones and basketballs and it worked great! Didn't have to buy near as many kinds of ribbon or sticker letters this way. 
I have no idea what the ones they were selling at her school will look like and how hers will compare, but I think hers turned out super cute and a great size for her. She seemed happy. And who knows if I will get to make another one ever? We have talked of moving out of state later this year...who knows where else they do this in the South? Anyone?

Glad she will get at least one. :)