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Monday, January 28, 2013


Or rather I passed the "Pin or Pass" test! (I'm loving the play on words here.) {giggle}

A new friend and customer just wrote this review on me and my shop and the "hello" originally made my Ginger Snap Crafts. You can read it here at Pin or Pass.
(or here: http://pinorpass.blogspot.com/2013/01/pinterest-product-review-vinyl-hello.html)

This was the custom sized hello in vinyl she ordered from me. I have to say that while I am flattered by her review, I also just LOVE that I get to see a pic of how her vinyl turned out. I hate hearing the stories where they don't...due to one reason or another, so thanks for the pic Jennifer!
Vinyl hello sign for a quick front door makeover
Jennifer has this great site where she reviews Pinterest finds and deems them worthy of making or passing on them. LOVE this idea! Thanks Jennifer and I will definitely be checking back with you!