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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Love is All You Need?

Well, the theme of projects lately has certainly been that way. :)
Had to do some chalkboard vinyl!

and I love candles!

I saw Ginger over at make some gorgeous luminaries with salt recently and thought I would try it. Instead of covering the whole thing though, I left the front "saltless" so I could add this cute little "label". (And I even used an old jam jar I had saved, so I didn't spend a thing!) I did go a little crazy with the salt on this one though! lol Table salt around the outside, epsom salt around the top and rock salt inside! :) My fav one was one of the monograms I will show you with the epsom on the top rim at that's it.
So fun!
 Love this next one! Great for anyone! Grandparents, grandkids, kids, spouse, anyone you love being with!
And I love this one too! 
I also would love it with newborn pics of my kids!

                                                                    They're all in my etsy shop!


Ginger said...

LOVE all of your projects! You're so talented! :)