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Monday, January 14, 2013

Monograms and More Monograms!

I have to say I LOVE monograms! I think they add something that makes them feel special. They personalize things. They make them YOURS. :)

I also love rustic. I love all the newer wedding rustic and simple decorating themes. I love mason jars. I keep trying to find the time to make the mason jar soap dispenser. And have you seen the cool chandeliers you can make with mason jars?! Going to do that too!

Well, mix all those together and you get...

LOVE!!! This one (above) has some epsom salt around the outside of the bottom as well as inside with a tea light candle. So pretty done all the way down a long table as centerpieces. Love the raw wood with it too, bark and all!
A little closer view of the salt.
Did this one in a larger jar with a lid and love the pretty colors!
 I have to say I think this (one above) turned out sooooo fun with the checkers board and bandana underneath it as a centerpiece. AND the epsom salt around the top rim ended up being my favorite way to use the salt!
 AND....want an easy route? Just buy a candle at the store and add a monogram to the outside of the glass (shown above and below). I used the fake spray snow to add some texture on the one above and some more salt on the rim to the one below. So many fun...and personalized and unique!
 Now, to just get our towels monogrammed....:)

Have a great day!