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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mood Pillowcases

I have to tell you that I think my husband is embarrased by these, but I think they are hilarious! You flip them over and they say the opposite on the other side. :) I think they would be great even as a surprise on Valentines day to all of the sudden just have on the bed. lol I have to share what a friend told me too. (Hope she doesn't mind...) Her husband saw them and said "We need those! I just can't read you sometimes." Cracked me up! Love em!
 I used my vinyl as a stencil to make these with fabric paint, but I also will be making them and getting the exact same look by using heat transfer vinyl.
(using vinyl as a stencil shown below, as well as a tutorial on the "how to" section:)

You can be looking for a special March/St. Patrick's day version of them coming soon too. :)