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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The start of a new line...

...of products by me!!! Baby Onesies!!! Onesies are bought from the store, but are designed and painted or have heat transfer vinyl applied, by me. Because each is individual and made by hand, there may be slight variations or imperfections on them, but basically...they look great and will get you lots of comments!!! Not to mention they will look adorable on your little one!

Now I only wish I still had a baby to put them on! lol

 This one cracks me up!
 My kids all have this on a shirt. ha!
 One of my fav little boy ones!

 Another fav that is a GREAT gift for newborns! Custom made to include the mother and the father's names.
 And these always look so sweet on little girls. More variations of this design coming. (Two bead strands and varying colors and rosette clusters.) The rosettes are grouped together on a piece of felt and pinned to the onesie. They will need to be removed before washing.
And for the grand finale...drumroll please...
I am so in love with this last one. I may be a bit biased. hee hee  It even has the badge number personalized for a friend. :)
I was literally giddy today as I saw how they were all coming out all together!
 Didn't they turn out so fun?!!! Again, I know I am biased, but I am loving making these onesies. It's kind of addictive...I already have more cut out ready to do too. They all will be in my shop shortly and individually priced. You can look forward to seeing the boy and girl definitions on onesies and more!


Heidi Trejo said...

You are so talented!

I nominated you for the Liebster award!


Ginger said...

Those are soooo cute!

rpp said...

Thanks Ginger! And thanks for nominating me Heidi!!! :)

Kristie Jenson said...

Robin, these are adorable!!!! I also have a cute baby that these would look great on! Let me know if you do custom ones and pricing. I love crafting!!!

The Herrera Family said...

On the last one did you use fabric paint? If so with the layering of colors on the belt and badge did you just let the first color dry then add the next color on top?

rpp said...

Yep! That's exactly what I did!

Courtney said...

Did you have a stencil for the cop onesie?