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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Comeback!

Just a heads up for you...I used to do (years ago when all of my blog was just papercrafting and stamping with a few other projects I showed here and there) From This to That Fridays.

I would show how I took simple items and turned them into something...else. lol

Well, I am excited to announce, that I am bringing them back. Although...it won't be papercrafting...unless it's here and there. So, look to Friday for some fun new things I have to show you. (I already have so many ideas, it's hard to wait to show you!!!) Think girl scout cookies for this week. lol Wanting some thin mints now? :)

Thanks to picmonkey for helping me create these cute collages. Now if I can find the time to learn how to turn them into buttons! :)