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Monday, February 11, 2013

Do-Over! of my Rustic Chunky Frame

Remember when you were a kid and you would call out "DO-over!" Don't you have days where you wish you could do that now? lol

Well, I mentioned a bit ago that this project was ok the way it turned out, but I kept thinking it needed something else. It is another repurposed item from old fence wood, but this time made into a big, wide, chunky frame.

So...inspired by the rustic trunk shown in the repurposes tab here, I decided to add some flourishes too it.

Then add some family pics around it and I am even more in love!

Before: Again, it's ok, but the frame is just...there...
After: Love what it adds!
 What do you think? I think I love the outcome! I think it adds so much. 
AND I love that I have a matching trunk in the same room in the corner. 
 And it really was so easy!!

Here's a really short, basic tutorial if you want to see how I did it.
I furst cut out the stencil I wanted to use on my SIL. OR if you have another stencil you already have, any stencil should work. I took it and placed it where I wanted it on my old wood. In order to get a bit tighter/cleaner look to it, I used some straight pins (or thumbtacks would work too) and tacked it down around the curves and edges. I had to cut it in places to have it go to a different level and just lined the design up.
Then, I took it out to my backyard and grabbed some flat black spray paint. I used short, quick, little bursts when spray painting it and held it directly over the stencil. You don't want it at an angle, because then it can spray under the stencil.
 Took the paper off and...wala! So quick and easy!
I'd love to see any stenciling projects you have done. Link them up in the comments! 

I just have to say that the wonderful photography on my wall was done by the wonderful Amy Casas Photography too!


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