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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ice Cream Sundae Onesie Tutorial

Got a great onesie you want to gift? But want a cuter way to display/wrap it? After I came up with my line of onesies, I wanted a super easy and cute way to give them away, so I came up with Ice Cream Sundae Onesies! Or are you hosting a baby shower and want some great decoration ideas? How cute would a tray full of these be on the table?!!!
 The only supplies you will need are these:
1-Treat cups
4-Toothpicks and washi tape (for the flag) OR Cherries (Pom-poms on a stick OR you can attach them with glue dots if you prefer)
5-Your onesie
 So easy! Take your onesie and fold it in half long ways. (If you don't want the print to show, fold the print onto the inside.)
Then fold it in half AGAIN long ways.
 If you are going to add a toothpick, do it now as you start at one end (I like to start at the bottom of the onesie.). Start rolling the toothpick into the onesie.
 As you continue to roll the onesie, layer the rolls, so that you can see each layer and so that the onesie, starts to get taller.
 Next, you'll want to have a bit of tulle already pre-cut. I cut one of mine in a large square and the other was a roll that I used a strip of. It doesn't really matter. If you have a larger square (about 12inx12in) you can set your rolled up sundae/onesie in the middle.
 Then just randomly gather the tulle around it on all sides. (If you have a strip of tulle, I actually placed the rolled up onesie into the treat cup and then kind of stuffed the tulle into the cup around the onesie.)
 Then pop it into your treat cup! And top it off with a cherry! or a cute washi tape flag! So adorable! You could even add a plastic spoon to it and make it look even more fun!
 SOOOOo fun and sooooo easy! Why not make a whole tray of them?!!


Ginger said...

That is the cutest thing ever! Awesome tutorial. I just bought those same cups! I put them in my craft closet to use later. :)

rpp said...

Thanks Ginger! You're always so good to comment. :) You make me day (or night)! lol

Anonymous said...

Onesie size???

rpp said...

You can use any size onesie. I have done it with several different sizes. :)

Joyce Fisher said...

This is just sooooooo adorable!!! I'm hoping you will give me your permission to copy this project and share it on my blog someday. I would of course tell them that your project was my inspiration and about your great tutorials!

Peace, Love and Joy,

rpp said...

So glad you like it and can use it Joyce. As long as you link back to me and the blog for credit, I have no problem with you using it as inspiration for your own. :) Thanks for stopping by!