Introducing Ice Cream Sundae Onesies! ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Introducing Ice Cream Sundae Onesies!

So, I am lovin' the onesies, but just putting them in a gift bag with ribbon around them is not as exciting, brain kept doesn't stop. I wish it would when i am laying awake at night listening to my husband snore away! ;)
I have seen different variations of little socks and onesies wrapped up in cupcake wrappers to look like cupcakes, so when I saw these little treat cups on the clearance aisle at the store, I knew what I wanted to do! Make an Ice Cream Sunday Onesie....or a cupcake onesie...however you see it! 
It was sooooo easy and fun and I absolutely love the outcome! So fun to give away this way!

 Tutorial coming next!