Mustache Pencil Topper Valentines ~ Create it. Go!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mustache Pencil Topper Valentines

Leave it to one of my kids to decide the day before Valentines that they REALLY want to make some Valentines!

I had seen some cute sayings with mustaches on pinterest and thought it would be so cute to make little staches on the top of pencils, where the kids could hold them in front of their faces. And again, I like that they can still use the item (pencils) again later (like the bookmarks). They are FUNctional! :) He loved the idea right away and got a big smile on his face.

So, I whipped these out this am. I can't wait for him to get home from school and see what he thinks! (And he can help assemble the rest too!)

I thought I would make a really quick tutorial in case anyone else is in the same boat as me! haha OR you can use it next year. :)

Mustache Pencil Topper Valentines
Supplies: Pencils, glue dots, string, black cardstock, printer paper, red marker, (optional: washi tape)

1-Print out your own template (or if you want mine I am happy to email it to you.) of your tag/card
2-Fold your paper in half
3-Cut into strips
4-Cut out your mustaches on black cardstock
5-If you want a bit of color on your tags/cards, you can use a red marker and a ruler and just line the edges in red,
6- OR you can line it with some washi tape. I did both.
7-Grab your glue dots and attach your mustache to the pencil with the glue dots.
8- Punch a hole in your tag and attach it to the pencil with some string.
 That's it!
Super fast and cute! I would love to see the whole class in a pic with them. How fun would that be?!

(I used my very tired little girl that is still in her pj's for a model.) :) She laughed after she did this and wanted to put the stache up to everyone's face.
 Still working on my kids' teacher's gifts. Nothing like a deadline to get me motivated. haha Have a Happy Valentines Day!