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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Stache Give-away!

I told myself that I wanted to do more give-aways this year. I have been so blessed since opening my etsy shop last year and I want to give back from my stache to yours! :)

 So...up for this give-away is the vinyl (only...not the jar) for this super fun little "my stache". Mustaches are all the rage right now. Who knows why? But I have to admit that they are so fun! (Although I have to say that I am soooo glad that my hubby is NOT participating this year (as he has in years past) at his work with Mustache March!) lol

Here's the deal: To enter, you must:
1) Become a follower of my blog
2) Post this give-away on your blog, FB, or Pinterest
3) Let me know you did the above two in the comments 
That's it folks!

Let's see how many we can get to enter and I will give a BUNCH of these away...not just one, or two, or three, but more like in the double digits if we get that many to enter! AND if we can get 50 or more to enter, I will give one finished product, jar and all, of this little beauty, to a random winner, for every 50 help spread the word!

Give-away will close on St. Patrick's Day when I will announce the lucky winnerS!


The Bergquist Fam said...

shared on FB :)

Stephanie said...

Shared on Pinterest

Amanda Peterson said...

I subscribed and shared on facebook! You are SO talented!!

rpp said...

Email me your addresses if you haven't yet already so I can send you the my stache Stephanie and Amanda!

rpp said...