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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rustic chunky frame

I've got another repurposed item to show you today. We actually made this last year but I haven't posted it. I have meant to add some more to it, and have never gotten around to it. BUT I plan on it soon, so that I would show a before and an after. This is another repurpose that cost us ZERO! Found some old fence wood on the side of the road and used it to make this frame around some vinyl on our living room wall. I was actually leaning toward another quote to put inside of it like "These are the days we'll remember forever." but that one didn't strike a chord with my hubby and this one did, so I went with his this time. I have also thought of changing it to "Together is OUR favorite place to be." and to put our fam pics next to it. We'll see. I do love the chunkiness of it, just thinks it needs.....? Something else....