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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tag, You're it! Tuesday

So, I for any of you that have looked at my blog...ever and now, you can probably tell that I have been making lots of updates/changes/work work work on it! I am excited about some of the new things I am learning and about other plans I have in the works. Here is one of them! I will be starting "Tag, You're it! Tuesdays! Eventually I would love to have this be a link party on my site, but I think I need a few (haha) more followers first, so...for now it will be a collaberation of when I can feature YOU or others, can share things I have found from others, and  invite you to at least link up in the comments any new projects you have done. In the meantime, help me get more followers on my blog and I will keep working on turning Tag, You're it! Tuesdays into a link party. :) (As well as having some other fun days of recipe sharing and DIY projects and tutorials coming too!)

FOR TODAY...I have Valentines on the brain. Nope! Haven't got my kids valentines done for their classes yet. Surprise! Surprise! (Not really!) So, between selling girl scout cookies frantically this week (so we don't have many leftover), etsy orders, 5 kids and a husband who can't eat "regular" food, I need to come up with some easy peasy valentines. 

I have typically made mine in most years past. 
We have done:
1-little photo wallet ones (where I had my kids hang from monkey bars in the pics or look like they fell off a swing and wrote "I'm all hung up over you" or "I've fallen for you" or just "You make me smile"). 
2-We have done the "You're the bomb" with the suckers upside down and covered in black tissue paper to look like a bomb, 
3-play dough, melted crayon hearts (You melt my heart.) 
All kinds of them...but I don't have much time this year. 

This past weekend my daughter had to bring some to girl scouts and I had NADA!
Well, I found these cute bookmarks at a local craft store (20 of them for $1) 
and had already seen these great coupons at McDonalds:
Now, I don't know about you...but I get sick of McD, but my kids don't, and they are already going to get a LOT of candy, so I thought these little coupons were great! AND you get 12 of these coupons in a booklet for just $0.99!!! Can't beat that! They are even great for me to keep and use for my little ones when they need a little snack to keep them going while I run errands.

So...we just tucked in these little coupons into the bookmarks and the girls loved them! maybe not as cute and creative as past years, but hey...can't be supermom every year, right? I love that they can actually keep using the bookmarks and really I CAN make some and even personalize them for each child...IF I really want to stay up late some night  and I like that they get to take a special trip to McD with Mom or Dad and Mom or Dad doesn't have to pay! 

So, Tag, You're it! 
Link any Valentine ideas you have made in the comments.


Ginger said...

Here's some we made for my son, Cole's preschool class this morning. :)


Your blog looks so good by the way!!! :)

Margaret @ Southpaw Crafts said...

Since I failed as a crafter on the 100th day of school (who knew having a t-shirt with 100 googly eyes was sooo important to a first grader - oops), I'm trying to do better for Valentine's day.

The link has the Valentine's Day mailboxes we made just today (whew a day or two to spare).


nissaMade said...

We made some valentine lacing cards..


Glad to have found your blog!