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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tell 'em you Love 'Em!

...All year long!

I made this cute little chalkboard tag earlier this year, inspired by Valentines Day coming up, but started something in our family that I am hoping will continue all year long. This last week, I wrote on it one day, and then placed it on my son's bed with why I loved him. Then I wrote "pass it on" at the bottom. I noticed real quick that he passed it on to his sister, who then passed it on to her big sister and she to her little sister (Are you confused yet? haha There are five of them!) and then she to her big brother, who passed it back to me, and then me to my hubby. AND this all happened in 24 hours. I loved it! I am hoping that it continues all year, although I don't expect it to make the rounds so quickly all year. lol

(Here it is the way I found it on my bed from my sweet 10 yr old son.)

Love is not about 
how much you say 
I love you 
 but how much you prove
that it's true.

I recently made this quote in vinyl, but haven't figured out what I want to apply it to (I have lots of quote cut out, but not put up yet. I am afraid someday, someone will walk into my home and think I went a bit vinyl-happy.) :) I know this project is about telling someone why you love them, but I am hoping it evokes more of the "proving" it is true as well. :)

It's Tuesday though, so feel free to link up anything you have made lately or have been inspired by! Just put your link in the comments! (And BTW-I thought I was so cleaver, coming up with the phrase "Tag, You're it! Tuesday and now I have seen it elsewhere...hmmm...keep it? or figure out another phrase?)