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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcome! to my front porch...

Some of you have LOVED the hello! I do! It is so informal and inviting! I also love this simple "Welcome". My front door is a bit different and I have had a harder time figuring out a style and font that I would like and size and where to put it and and and...Anyone else like that? :)

Well, I decided on this and absolutely love it. I like driving up my driveway and seeing it greet me. Makes me happy. Part of it is the pennant banner...how can those NOT make you happy? 

I actually used some of my little girls hair clips to add a bit of color to the pennant banner. And notice, I even changed them from one side to the other. So many possibilities this way! Had fun with the gray chevron and other cute print and like that I can change the accessories to other colors with different holidays and season. AND it looks great indoors OR out and is washable. What's not to love?! 

I also glass etched the little windows in our front door last year. I didn't like how people could see right through them OR how the sun would shine right into our eyes every evening as it the sun went down...and I wanted a bit of charm in them. I like the end result. Fun and kinda cottage charming I think. Goes with our 1953 house that we bought and have slowly re-modeled almost every room in the house now. :) (Can you believe that someone carpeted over all the original hardwood flooring?!) Anyhoos....

  Fun door! And all smiles from me! 


Ginger said...

So cute! I love the pennant banner!