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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Talking Toilet

What is the weirdest place you have ever heard of someone putting vinyl?! For me, I just put it on our toilet! Yep! I did! And it has even helped...sometimes. lol I think it would work better though, if the toilet could actually have a motion/voice activator on it that actually spoke the same words "Put down the seat!." "Close the lid." "Do you want  your little sister playing in that?" "Wash your hands". I would love it! Maybe I should patent that, huh?

Next idea...vinyl red bulls eye target IN the bowl?! HAHA

It's Tuesday! Share anything that you have going on! :)
And if you want to purchase this vinyl, you can get it here in my etsy shop!


Amy Redd said...

I LOVE this idea! "Close the lid"?.....Genius!!

Miranda @ Someday Crafts said...

This is hilarious, but so needed! Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesdays. We'll be featuring your genius idea over at Someday Crafts this weekend, so come take a peek if you have some time.

rpp said...

Thanks Miranda! I love your blog! Such fun ideas you share all the time. :)

Chelsea@getyourcraptogether said...

Ha ha ha! This is awesome! Thank you for making me smile!


Ginger Bergemann said...

Thanks for linking up at Gingerly Made's Show & Tell party. You've been featured!!

Amy Redd said...

We just had to feature this on Inspiration in Progress today!