From this to that Friday: Cub Scout Car Slides ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, March 8, 2013

From this to that Friday: Cub Scout Car Slides

It's my favorite day of the week! I love FTTT Fridays!!!! And I am especially excited about this one, because my son has his last :( official Pinewood Derby tomorrow! (Pics of his car(s) coming later!)

A little background:
I used to be the den leader in one of my son's packs a couple years ago, and my husband used to be the cubmaster in another son's pack years ago, and I used to be the committee chair until recently, not to mention I used to be over our church's children's program a few years ago, which included cub scouts, AND my husband and I were the district's Cub Scout daycamp program directors one year too. (How's that for a run on sentence? lol) Can you tell we LOVE scouting?

So...I was so excited to share this with the boys in our pack and have them make them at our pack meeting last month as a gathering activity for our Blue and Gold Banquet!

These are the supplies I started with:
And this is what we ended up with!
 It really was so easy and the boys all loved. I love seeing them wear them AND it got them pumped for their upcoming Pinewood Derby this month! (We actually let all the siblings make them too, they just didn't attach their little cars to slides.)

Here's a little tutorial if you are wanting to make some:
 (This cost me maybe $2ish and I had lots extra!)

I used paint that I already had. One was the blue in a spray paint can (above). The other was a bottle of acrylic gold that I just sponge brushed on.

  (Couple dollars at a craft store or Walmart.)
Again, I used what I had on hand, but even if you bought some, this project is super low cost for lots of boys!
 And wear with pride! 

Yeah for Cub Scout Fun!


Tara said...

So cute, Robyn! I'm in cub scouts - always on the look out for fun new ideas. Thanks for sharing!!!

Steph Thomas said...

Ah man!! I wish I was there to make one for Matthew! How fun. Cutting it out though? Yeah, not happening in this family! That is really easy for you guys to do:) You make it look all so easy when you have that talent:) I am sure EVERYBODY loved it. What a great and fun idea. I would have loved to have gotten pictures of that activity and to have gotten a picture of them wearing them at the pinewood derby with their cars. *sigh*