From this to That Friday: Games and Gifts ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, March 22, 2013

From this to That Friday: Games and Gifts

This week for my From this to That, I have a game for give as a gift! It could be to a family member, a teacher, almost anyone!

I'm sure you have seen this game before:
Well, you may have even seen these cute boards before too. A few years ago, I made this cute board to hang in our house of our family names. I had debated on putting it on an easel or in a shadow boc and later just punched some holes in the top of it and added ribbon and like it that way best. 

When I first made it, we hadn't even had our fifth child, so good thing we made room for her name on it! lol

BUT, have you seen it used this way before?!

About a year after I made it, I had the idea to give it away to my children's teachers as an end-of-the-year gift. And we LOVE to do them now! 
 I have the kids help come up with words to include on the board that remind them of that teacher or of things that they have learned in their class that year. So...funny story. Last year, my son LOVED his teacher. He LOVED her! Maybe it's because she had red hair like him? lol I don't know. (Although I loved her too! She is great!) She even said he was always stuck to her. Anyway, as he was coming up with words to put on her board, I noticed one in particular that I had to help

See it? LOL I told him we could put "love" on there, but prob better not do the other. Ha! Thought it was hilarious!
  Here was how they came out last year.
I love how it shows what the kids remember from their teachers, but also what they feel and think about them too. The year before, I remember one of the first words my son came up with was dance, bc that teacher danced with the kids in the classroom. She really liked hers I know! I really think it means something for them to make them and hopefully for the teachers to receive them too. 
 Anyway, they would be great to make for family gifts, teachers, you could even do them for work and other gifts. A super easy From-this-to-that to make and so very fun!!!