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Friday, March 15, 2013

From this to that Friday; Kitchen Style

So, I have mentioned that we have been remodeling our house off and on for the past few years. We bought the house almost 8 years ago. It was built in 1953. When we moved into the house, we had two kids. Now we have 5. We are growing out of our house! Over the past few years, we have changed some, gutted some rooms, and updated lots!

When we moved in, the kitchen was pretty much like the following 4 pictures, but was a different color. (I never took a pic before I painted it one summer on whim when my hubby was out of the country.) It was old style for sure. Counter and cabinets on just the one wall. Oven on another wall (and the cupboard above it and vent hood weren't even there when we moved in. We added that.)
The fridge was where the microwave is in this next pic. Again, no cupboards or counter on this wall.

An old country style kitchen needed updated. I need more counters!

My wonderfully, talented, goofy husband about to go at it!

We took out the wall where the fridge had been that separated the kitchen from the dining room.

My son learning his goofiness from his dad.

Gotta love father and sons working together.

Fast forward a bit. Now we have installed "new" cabinets I found on Craigslist and husband and another son are getting the counter ready to tile.

I LOVE my tile countertop!

Fast forward some more and here we are now. The wall on the left was also bare before, other than there was a door there to our bedroom. We filled that in and added floor to ceiling pantry along the whole wall and a computer/desk area too. Broom closet at the end. Moved the fridge over there too. My husband took all the doors off of the cabinets I got off of CL and built all the doors himself for the kitchen.


Still a bit more to do. Need to add some more trim here and there along the top left and do a few other things, but it is almost done! And I don't feel trapped in the kitchen anymore either! I love my huge counter and the kids love sitting there and talking, eating, and doing HW. A great gathering place!


Amy Redd said...

Wow! Now there's a transformation! I'm totally envious of all that pantry space! :)

Ginger said...

Wow! Ya'll did a lot of work. It turned out big & open. :)

The Bergquist Fam said...

Love it! I so want to knock out a wall dividing the kitchen here too!Unfortunately I don't think we have the know-how or construction skills to make it happen.