From this to that Friday: Rustic Checkers Game ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, March 29, 2013

From this to that Friday: Rustic Checkers Game

I really think Fridays are my favorite day on the blog. I get so excited to show you my FTTTs. :)

I have another game this week, but this time it took a lot more time.

I started with this:
and this:
and turned them into....
this AWESOME large Rustic Checkers Game!
I absolutely am in love with it! I used different kinds of wood for different players, In the pics you see: cherry wood slices, pecan wood slices, and cedar, although I have more kinds to work with as well. 
I like the raw rustic unfinished look, so I didn't even sand down the playing pieces and they look and work great! The bandanas look awesome with them too! I wanted a bit more sturdiness to the bandanas though, so I put a fleece backing on them and added bias tape around the edges. I cut out some turquoise bandanas that also look great as well and I am excited to see coming together for another board.
I even made a little drawstring bag that we can roll the gameboard up in and add the checkers pieces to. Great to keep it all together. Fun for the whole family, at home, inside or to take on the road! Love! Love! Love!

Come back next Friday to see some more FTTTs! Have a great weekend!

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