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Monday, March 25, 2013

Measure it up Monday Menus

We are working on our house nonstop these days, getting it ready to list within the next couple of weeks. That means, I need quick and easy dinners! That are relatively  healthy. And inexpensive. And can feed a large family. And did I say quick and easy?

So, I think I am going back to the idea I have done before of menu planning. I also have tried the spend a day making all of these freezer crockpot meals. And that day is HARD, but well worth it. I would SO do that right now, IF I had even one day that I could devote to doing it. Give me a couple weeks and I really should do that one again, esp while the house is on the market. That could save me! But for now...

So, what are your family's quick and easy meals? (where the kids actually eat them and don't whine about doing so through the whole meal). :) I would love all the help I can get!

So far in the past two weeks we have had: spaghetti, pancakes/waffles, tacos, cereal (haha Yes! I started that one they year my husband was in Iraq. Don't judge.) :) fish and rice (my kids love and kind of seafood or Chinese food), we did do take out of Chinese one night, pizza, German pancakes, chicken and rice, leftovers!, ??? So help a girl out! Ideas???