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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trying Something New: Skirts

So, how many times have you said I want to do that someday OR I could do that, but then never get to it. Well, I have always wanted to sew more. I have done basics and have a basic knowledge, but haven't sewn a lot of clothes. In fact, I have only done pajama pants (about 12 years ago!), a pillow or blanket here and there, a hooded towel once?, and some Halloween costumes over the past few years. 

Reading patterns is like a foreign language to me too, so I needed some simple instructions. Well, I found them! I saw these cute ruffled skirts on pinterest 
and with a new sewing machine that came in the mail (Wahoo!) I was itching to sew. 

This tutorial at Grand Revival here was great!

So, here is to my first new try at sewing skirts!

And then the twirls started!
Well, I think they like! And now they want their dolls to have matching skirts, which I am ok with! Because I get to sew more! heehee

So, it's Tuesday, so let me know some things you have tried for the first time and how they came out!


Steph Thomas said...

Those are super cute and maybe I could possibly make them...SOMEDAY:) hehe
I love that you can make your own designs and put your own colors and fabrics together doing these. Definitely seems more doable then making a shirt or dress or something like that.