Curb Appeal and Front Porch Charm ~ Create it. Go!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Curb Appeal and Front Porch Charm

I am loving this cute new sign I have sitting on a little bistro table on my front porch! So fun. Can't decide if I will leave it here or actually hang it up next to our mailbox. (We have the old fashioned kind that hangs on our wall next to our door. (So we get to see our mailman up close and personal every day! lol He's great though!)
 The size of this would also fit right on your mailbox too though for the "Regular" kind of mailboxes. So fun and creates curb appeal and charm AND personalization! (Is that a word?!) :)

ANDDDDDDD...speaking of new vinyl projects, I never would have guess a newly turned 3 yr old could weed vinyl! She kept asking to help and I honestly just though she would mess them up, but she had been watching me closely apparently and did great! She even kept at it with me for awhile! :)
Love the concentration she has here (with the tongue!).