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Friday, April 12, 2013

From this to that Friday: Chalkboards!

Remember this picture I showed you last month?

This was our kitchen before we gutted and remodeled it. We did, however, keep a LOT of the wood, we tore out. We have used it for various projects like shelves...but one thing my kids love that we did with the cupboard doors was made them each chalkboards!

We cut them down to a size we liked, routered the edges and applied chalkboard paint. Then I cut each child's name out in vinyl as well as an image that they liked and applied the vinyl to add some cute personalized decoration to each one.
 We have made them as gifts for kids of all ages since. My kids love them in their rooms, whether to just draw on for the little ones, or to use for lists for the older ones.
This past fall when school started I even had each child grab theirs for their back-to-school pictures!
AND they are repurposed and cheap! What's not to love with this FTTTF!?


Sheena said...

Question, my kids have chalkboards and one side is a dry eraser board and I HATE the chalkboard side because they are always covered in dust and have chalk dust EVERYWHERE! Do you have any help for preventing all the dust?? Right now the boards are in my sunroom and I was thinking about moving them to the kids' bedrooms but I don't want all that dust in their bedrooms.

rpp said...

I bought the dustless chalk this last time (didn't know there was such a thing) and it actually IS less dusty, Weird! BUT if you want ZERO dust, I would just buy the chalk markers. I have seen them in the craft stores, just haven't wanted to spend the extra $, but I hear they work great! You just use a damp cloth to wash them off instead of a dry eraser. Good luck!