FTTT Friday: Sew Fun Owl Bag! ~ Create it. Go!

Friday, April 26, 2013

FTTT Friday: Sew Fun Owl Bag!

This is a bit different of a FTTTF (From this to that Friday). I am taking one thing I make and making something else from the same design this week...if that makes sense?

I have seen some cute owl designs over the last year or so and have fun making my little wooden owls. Well, I have had this idea for months now, to take the same design as my little wooden owls and create a bag. I finally got to do it the other day and the girls LOVE it!

I went from this original design of mine:

to that original design of mine:

I just took fabric scraps I had that I knew she liked (if you saw her skirt, they might look familiar...and backed them with interfacing. Literally sketched out an owl on a paper with a crayon. Then cut it out of the fabric. Just winged it all...no measuring...no pattern and added the buttons. LOVE!

This smaller one likes it like a messenger bag and I think I need to make another one still for her. :) The older one wants a jean pocket purse. :)
 And then what happened? My 10 yr old son asked if he could sew a pillow. I taught him and his older brother to sew a couple years ago for Christmas presents they were making. I love that he wants to do it still.
 And this one has been asking to learn for awhile now too, so they were all psyched.
We made four quick pillows and the oldest still needs to do his, then I'll post a pic of them with all their new pillows. :)