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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

General Conference Tag!

So, twice a year leaders from my church speak to us as a worldwide church through satellite. It's called General Conference. We believe in a living prophet today, and have our church set up just like Christ had the church set up years ago. So I get excited to be able to hear guidance from our prophet and leaders each time General Conference comes....BUT my little ones don't always make it easy to listen. ha! Don't you love Pinterest!? It is full of ideas though...for everything! EVEN for keeping your kids listening and occupied during General Conference!

We have done BINGO games a lot and they work well, better than the activity books I have also tried, but I combined a few ideas this time and set up jars with snacks with words on them. I added some color and activity sheets if they wanted them and added pics for the ones who can't read.

We started out that when they heard the word, they got 1 thing from that jar. The constant up and down was driving me nuts though, so we ended up changing it to they kept tally marks and cashed in after every talk. It worked great!
 Between the two sessions, I changed the words up too.
 We all camp out in our kitchen, b/c we watch it on our computer and it's in the kitchen. lol
So, it's Tuesday and you're it! What kind of activities have you seen or have you done in the past for General Conference for your kids or just to keep your kids occupied other times in meetings?