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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Every step...

A month or two ago, I asked for some help on our FB site. I had a customer order this saying to put on her stairs and I thought it was soooo cute! I wanted to offer it to others too, BUT I don't have any stairs to show it on, so I asked if anyone was willing to apply it and give me pics of it in exchange for the vinyl for free. Thanks to Michele I got my first set of pics (and will have more coming in other colors!).

I love it and so does she! Yeah! It's a Win-Win!

Makes me want stairs! haha So look for it next week in the etsy shop and check back to see more pics of other colors!


Steph Thomas said...

That is really cute. I was thinking this was either in your school room because I think there were steps off of there or your front porch but they didn't look like it. You have so many cute sayings.