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Friday, May 3, 2013

From this to That Friday; Placemats to Bags

 What can you make with a placemat and some ribbon? Welcome to antoher From this to that Friday!

I saw these done a few years ago and still love them! They are great little gifts and fun for anyone!
From this:

 To That!
 So so easy too! Great for little purses for little girls, scripture bags, or whatever you want!

All you do is take your ribbon (all in one long piece) and sew it all the way down one side, past the placement, loop it back and sew up the other side and loop back again and sew down when they meet. TTHEN, all that you have left is to fold the placemat in half and sew up the sides. And add some cute little flower or button. And you are done! It's that easy!
 Views from the inside and bottom (above and below)
I love fast and easy projects! What else have you made with placemats? I would love to hear and get a collection of ideas going here!

See you next week! Have a great weekend everyone!


Steph Thomas said...

This is super cute. Maybe some day I might attempt this:)

Laura said...

When I lived in Charleston everyone carried these. I always wanted one! yours are so cute!